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Welcome to official site of Bahareh Moghtadaei, an internationally recognized Percussionist/multi instrumentalist, Performer, Music Educator, and Music Therapist.

With more than 25 years of professional experience in performing, Bahareh brings a unique, creative and fresh perspective to her work. Discover what Bahareh Moghtadaei can bring to your organization, cause or event.

Bahareh Moghtadaei, MT-BC is a board-certified neurologic music therapist and founder of Mind and Music Therapy Center. Bahareh Moghtadaei promotes, empowers and serves families, professionals and children with special needs utilizing music therapy strategies. Bahareh Moghtadaei offers a variety of services including music therapy sessions, school-based programs, adopted lessons, home-based consultation, and group sessions. In addition, experiential & educational services such as workshops, in-services, and presentations are also available.

Bahareh is pleased to be associated with Remo as a World Percussion product endorser.
“As a professional musician and trained music therapist, I use Remo drums for stage performances, and as a tool for music therapy, providing group and individual music making experiences in medical facilities, senior living facilities, and wellness centers”.
Remo drums are easy to play, ergonomically comfortable and culturally diverse”.

What is my philosophy of Music Therapy?
My most important belief is that a human being is more than the body in which it resides. In other words, physical material is only the surface level or outer shell of the many ‘levels’ of the self. These levels can be conceived on a continuum from gross to subtle, i.e., from body to mind to spirit, each dissolving into one another without clear boundaries. Thus spirit affects the mind and the mind affects the body, while the body also affects the mind and the mind affects the spirit. All levels, in other words, are one and cannot act independently of one another. I consider the spirit to be the unchangeable truest part of the self or the highest self. To be clear, I use the term ‘core-self’ in my definition as synonymous to the spirit or soul. If essentially it can be assumed that a human being is essentially composed of vibrations, then this gives a rationale for a music-centered approach to therapy.

I believe that people respond so readily to music because it communicates directly to the whole being.